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About Us 

About Us

CodedTalent is a remote talent placement agency placing software developers in great startups and established companies.

CodedTalent doesn’t manage, direct, or even have access to any work your hires are doing. They work exclusively for you, acting like any team member, following your tools
and processes. CodedTalent only does the finding, hiring, and ensures they have the conditions to perform.

What We Do


Before our initial conversation, we research and analyze your company to understand your business and identify your requirements. This allows us to be prepared and informed when we begin the discussion.

We Create An Eye-catching Recruitment Outreach:

We attract hundreds of candidates in days, filter them, phone screen them and present 2-5 ideal matches for your role.

Great HR:

We have regular check-ins with placed candidates and managers for feedback and action to ensure top performance, retention, and job satisfaction.

Our Mission:

We believe every tech company and startup, big or small, deserves to have access to full-time, qualified remote software developers and engineers that match their skillset and cultural fit, and are committed to a long-term career.

Clients we worked with

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Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 13.32.09.png
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